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Kris-oil Integrated Services Limited...

The present location of Kris-oil Integrated Services Limited was previously occupied by the sister company Kulak Trades and Industries Plc. Kulak was engaged in shrimping, fishing and export of marine products, with 11 trawlers operating from the jetty. Kris-oil inherited not only the site and jetty but also the skill sets and trained manpower in marine operations and vessel maintenance. Since majority of the maintenance jobs, like dry docking, routine maintenance, building of barge etc were done in-house in Kulak, the present team carries along a rich tradition of diversified marine maintenance activities.

Kris-Oil will be the preferred provider of solutions and an equal opportunity employer.

Kris-Oil provides affordable solutions for the offshore oil and gas industry to meet the energy needs of the world while safeguarding our people and maximizing our profitability.

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