• What is PPMC? +

    The Acronym: PPMC means Pipelines and Products Marketing Company Limited. It was incorporated in Nov. 1988 as a wholly owned subsidiary of NNPC. It commenced operation in Jan. 1989.

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  • How can one get allocation for Petroleum Products like, LPFO, HPFO, Bitumen etc? +

    LPFO is Low Pour Fuel Oil mainly used in Industries as fuel for generation of power or for firing their heaters. Allocation is made to industries through Marketers. HPFO is mainly exported while Bitumen is allocated to construction Companies as well as the FMWH, SMWH etc.

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  • How can one set up a filling Station and begin to get Products from PPMC? +

    The first port of call will be the DPR which will license the prospective marketer and then sign bulk purchase agreement with PPMC.

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  • What is the national demand for Petrol, Kerosene, AGO, LPG and Aviation Kero. +

    Petrol or PMS is about 30 million litres per day,AGO = 12 million litres per dayDPK = 8 million litres per dayATK = 2 million litres per dayLPG = 192,000 Kg per day 15,360 cylinders of 12.5kg capacity.

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  • Some Investors are apprehensive about the Niger Delta crises, what do you think government can do to curb the crises? +

    Government is already addressing the issues with emphasis on the development of the region through a comprehensive Niger Delta Master Plan. Besides, Government recently established a Ministry of Niger Delta to coordinate development of the oil producing region.

    This is in addition to the Niger Delta Development Commission (NNDC) which has been in existence close to a decade and currently making appreciable impact in the lives of the people of the Niger Delta. Above all, Government also recently granted amnesty to the militants in the region, a unique move that may enhance peace in the region.

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  • What is sustainable community development? +

    Any community relation strategy that is adopted must be sustainable enough to meet the requirements of the present generation without compromising the rights of future generations to available resources.

    Programmes and infrastructure must be such that they are self sustaining over time and adopt a holistic approach that recognizes the need to sustain the environment and the involvement of communities in the decision making process.

    It seeks to provide a framework that gives impetus to the communities to drive and take ownership of the development process.

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  • What are the efforts put in place to reduce high demurrage in relation to importation of Petroleum Products? +

    Provision of N3.00 by Petroleum Product Pricing Regulatory Agency (PPPRA) to pay for Private Depots facilities in the interim.This is to enable big vessels discharge on time and depart.

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